Naturally I wrote about the Gandhian.

I’m feeling pissy and I have a perfect punchbag – Rahul Gandhi, the worthy candidate for the prime ministerial post who spent his lifetime bathing in talc powder and somehow managed to cork in his marbles in the very same talc powder bottle. We feel for you, Mr.Gandhi. Perhaps you should start scouring through the saloons or talking to style specialists instead of playing India’s golden boy or talking to cabinet minsiters. I am sure you shall find your true calling along the way. I have watched the movie the baby’s day out atleast a couple of times because it doesnt fail to make a smile creep upon my face the same way as the interview doesn’t fail to make a derisive comment creep upon my tongue. Right in the beginning of the movie, the photographers come to the baby, right to his house, and in that protected environment take some pictures of the little prince looking all radiant and charming for the sake of some lucrative publicity. Take off the baby from the chair for a moment and insert revered rahul gandhi there with a plastic sucker in his mouth.

“The interview was conducted on Saturday in Jawahar Bhawan, the seat of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Union rural development minister Jairam Ramesh and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra watched the recording and also prompted Rahul from behind the camera, according to sources.
Congress managers on record, however, say they are happy at the wide publicity the interview has given to Rahul, who has now emerged as a man of determination with clear-cut ideas, not stepping aside from questions fired at him, no matter how tough.”

Really? No, REALLY? The interview was the megadisaster of the century, that is nothing short of an understatement as well, he not only gave vague answers but didn’t leave a trinkle of doubt against the suspicion that the boy child could only utter the words he had been taught, he regurgitated ideologies, tried to connect with the masses by being the teary eyed individual with great sentimental value but ended up making his phoney-baloney too hard to miss and looking left and right for the ghost of his grandmother’s help. Perhaps if Rahul Gandhi had followed Manmohan Singh’s example, by not opening his mouth, atleast the spectators would have been left with a doubt of him being dumb rather than convincing them of the same. Perhaps these are too boldfaced accusations and I am no-one to revile him or kick him where he deserves to be kicked, but I am goddamn furious and If such a person is being considered for running the nation, I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t be. What is tried to be potrayed as humility by the congressmen was actually rahul being shifty, uncomfortable, speechless, thoughtless numbed and dumbed down by Goswami’s firing surge of questions. He repeatedly kept rerolling the tape to play hymns of women impoverment, youths and somehow everything was boiled down to the system. Now as specific as the “system” is, why don’t you try cramming a little harder for exams next time, perhaps you shall manage to flunk a little more graciously. Being raised your whole life, a prima donna with sycophants flogging around doing your laundary and your homework, you can only be pitied. With Arvind Kejriwal forming substantial arguments, able to debate vigorously, he is seen as a man of action and substance. With him out on the road, providing instant answers to corruption, to his plan of action, to questions on his beliefs, the country cannot wait for the Gandhi’s. The outrageous ludicracy makes me go bang into a wall or brand his chest with a question raised in fiery spitting venom, WHY can’t people see? Let the dynasty fall. This country needs a leader who can think on his feet, someone who can take a stand and someone who is self motivated to bring about a change. Better my barbie doll than the next Gandhi.


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