The Insanity Quotient test

So what do you do when you’re bored out of your mind and suddenly start ranting about the most inconsequential and pointless details of life and pointing it out to your friend who, loyally enough, tops it by another such. You start feeling insane. Here’s an insanity test to see how good you are.



1. What would you buy for your highschool craft?

a)  vacuum cleaner or dirty socks or toothpaste, turmeric.

b)  cat whiskers. Industrial glue.OK, How about Kingfish calenders?

c)  Vodka. Weed. Meth.

d)  Mummified toenails.



2. Your friend is over at your house. He/she accidentally breaks your tube light. What do you do?

a)  Tell him/her to pay your electricity bill for the rest of the month.

b)  Go to their house and break their tubelight.

c)  Chase them around with the broken end of the goddamn tubelight. (NO ONE MESSES WITH YOUR TUBELIGHT)

d)  Use the broken end to lightsaber their ass.



3. You’re battling with your Pokemon Yellow when your friend pulls out the cord midway. 142 of the 150 dan shoot down to zero and  the game glitches.

a)  Roll out a few swear words and start over.

b)  MACHAMP!!!!!


c)  Call his mom and tell her about how her son was abused during childhood making him emotionally unstable.

d)  Let your ‘Scyther’ loose.

[you fucking caterpie]



3. What tastes worse?

a)  Lemon seeds (cotyledons) rolled with brown sugar.

b)  Cat food.

c)  Davy jone’s testicles. No. Sorry, testacles. Damn, tentacles.

d) Dog food lid spelled backwards. [Dildo of god].



4. Classic case of- You see your best friend walking out with your ex, hand in hand.

a)  Fight your tears and wish them a happy life.

b)  Walk up for a hug, he spreads his arm, then punch him in the face.

c)  Kill his pet hamster because it didn’t like rodents.

d)  Buy him a Pokemon Yellow and help him attain 142 out of 150 dan, then pull the cord midway.



5. what does Yoda resemble the most

a)  Yoda.

b)  A  baby fox drenched in nose goo and hairs

c)  a midget goblin called bruce banner

d)  me? (Deshna)



Mostly a’s: You have a proud mother.
Mostly b’s: You are crazy. keep it up.
Mostly C’s or D’s: I kind of want to be friends with you guys. Inbox meh.

To know more, contact the insane inc.

[Priyansh Trivedi and me me me.]


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