Smoke and Mirrors

How much of the psych/cogsci experiment you did is really what it seems to be? Only the people who actually did the experiment know that. They have seen how much difference current mentality makes, how ridiculous reasons change human behaviour, the number of uncontrolled variables inspite of experimenting with rigor. It happened to us. The moment of utter disillusionment. When we felt like it was impossible to really find patterns in humans and have confidence in them. All of a sudden, the true extent of rot in social sciences seemed glowingly evident. It is hard to absorb the idea that large areas of research are in essence, nothing but smoke and mirrors but at the moment of disillusionment, I am inclined to believe it more than I disbelieve it. The moment of disillusionment is like being in existential crisis, and once you are in it, it never completely goes away. My scepticism has increased by leaps and bounds. The entire area of psychological sciences is just too shaky. There are thousands of fine lines, loads of abstractness and the randomness of humans which make it a very difficult science. And yet, it seeks out the truth with stoic perseverance. I bow to those who kept faith in it for years and persevered through its muddy trenches. Searching for the answer in the psych sciences is like searching for a needle in the haystack. I was convinced it is futile at so many moments. But there have been magnificent studies who have managed to find some of these needles. They have fought against disbelief and against the randomness and futility. But then. What is life, but an argument against human futility, a quest to fight human futility.


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