Gilmore Girls

This is a lame attempt to keep writing and dumping about life on this lifeless blog. I have been watching “Gilmore Girls” lately and that is not good. Not good for my work productivity. Or my sleeping schedules. Which affect my eating schedules. Which strain my mom-and-me in the morning time. Which is quite a reciprocal effect it has since the whole show is about great mother-daughter bonding. Having established that the show is not good for my life, it is one of those things I love!

I am in this phase of my life where materialism makes sense to me. I understand getting attached to things like coffee, clothes and junk food. It gives me a reason for happiness. It’s so easy to be happy if you are a materialistic person. I mean, this goes against what I have grown up thinking. I was a buddhist monk in my childhood in comparison to what I am now. I had renounced all worldly pleasures and was all for abstract soul-searching deep-equanimity happiness.

The show whole-heartedly and shamelessly promotes materialism and makes it look easy to be happy. All you’ve got to do is:
1. be mad about coffee and cool jackets with rhinestones.

2. live in a small peaceful idyllic town (which is beautiful when its summer and incredible when it is spring and heartbreakingly lovely when it snows) where people are crazy but nice to you. It is a well-formed community with all sorts of interesting characters in it. There is the grumpy sweetheart, the eternal flirt, the arrogant-self-lover/worshipper who is named after captain kirk for what annoying reason, I would like to know. and then the nice old gran, the mean french fella, the cook who is on the show just to wet your taste buds and deceive you into thinking you love the show for its humour and story and not its yummy visual tasty dessert retreats.

But, there is one character who can go un-appreciated. She is perfect. And perhaps the most relate-able character. More than Lorelai, more than Rory and more than any one of the other crazy freaks. “You have everything now, and I have nothing except for 2,000 Korean Bibles and a potential F in jazz band.” She is Lane. As in walk on the lane, lane.


3. Have the best theme song. Where you lead by Carole King makes me feel very warm and fuzzy. And the sepia tone filter was a brilliant add-on to the song. It makes you feel this live embodiment of a warm fuzzy nostalgia bug creeping under your shirt.

[Does my life have one, God?]

4. A lot of common sense.

There are two ways to go about life- don’t screw up. or screw up and fix it.

Rory is perfect and Lorelai is not. Lorelai breaks things and fixes things. (While I only break things.) She is outspoken and smart and has the guts to do what is right. Like the time she goes bashing into the teen party, knocking on every door in the building and drags the underage girls Madeline and Louise out. (P.s.- They snuck out of the Bangles concert and went to this party.) She acts like a mother, a grown-up, a responsible and mature person. She scolds them with a straight eye and tells their mothers about what their daughters were upto. And right before that, she gives the front row Bangles tickets to her daughter so she can bond with her friends inspite of the fact that she loves the Bangles more than any of these people. I think this is a selfless gesture that I have seen my own mother do so often for me and that I have just as often, taken for granted. But when I see it replayed like this, I realize how much love is packed in that one action. This is where we see her play the loving mother who puts her daughter before everything. And right before that, she asks Rory to go to the Bangles night concert with her and Sookie. Which is really cool for a mum. Go, Lorelai!

I love the way Lorelai confronts her father after the terrible fight. The way she confronts and faces every situation head-on. She speaks her mind out. Even though it will very possibly sound ridiculous and may be hard to do. It’s hard to be honest everyday, all the time. She makes it look so effortless. But it’s not. It’s hard to stand up to opinionated parents like hers and keep your own. Emily Gilmore clearly has a very different worldview from Lorelai’s but that doesn’t make her sit in the corner and brood over it, Lorelai holds her own fort.

P.s. – Lorelai’s daughter Rory’s actual name is Lorelai and her grandmother is Lorelai, they probably don’t even have to draw up a family tree. It’s the Lorelai Gilmore Family tree where all the pure-bloods are Lorelai Gilmore’s.

Rory loves to read books and dreams of going to Harvard. She is very well behaved and does not have a buzzing social life. But she is “well-adjusted” (As opposed to Paris. It feels like the only reason Paris is a character in the show is that the writer wants us to see Rory in comparison with Paris. Like Rory’s sweetness and satisfaction with her own life would not shine so bright had it not been for Paris’s mean streak and self-loathing. There are no villains in the tv-show but Paris comes the closes to being one.. and yet, she is understandable.) She is a sweet kid who loves the crazy people in her town and her crazy grandparents. And she does things for them. Like posing for a stupid portrait or going to a Debutante-coming-out party.

This is my favorite Rory-line: “I live in two worlds, one is a world of books.”

Also, because 5. Eighteen minutes in, and you will have a billion lines you want to keep quoting forever.

6. Santa Burgers. Apple Tarts. Sweatshirts. Daisies. Troubadours. It’s like the words sound extremely tasty.

It’s a legit amazing tv show. Amy Sherman-Palladino, If you’re reading this, I’d like to go on a date with you. You are a genius. A master craftsman. Woman.

Oh. Also, if you are a music buff, get your hands on this right away:

If you are a bookworm, check out how many you have completed from Rory Gilmore’s Reading challenge:

If you are someone who travel long hours of bus everyday and need some good company, there’s also the Gilmore Guys podcast that covers the various episodes –

And finally, if you are a tv buff- what are you waiting for? Get on the couch right away with tons of coffee and gilmore to go!




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