Harry Potter Re-watch: The cute stuff.

The first movie of harry potter always cheer me up. It’s charming, smart and adorable. It’s absolutely delightful. I don’t adore the characters in any of the other movies as much as I adore these bright-eyed-11-year-olds. I don’t think they’ve ever looked better! It’s got the glow of innocence, the promise of friendship, the snowy Christmas and the flash of pure magic. (And also it’s got the scenes with the sorting hat– those are just wicked fun!)

1) Ginny Meets Potter: I didn’t particularly like the second movie, except for these really cute bits of Ginny. This is the scene where Ginny comes down the stairs looking for her jumper and finds Harry in their house. Her eyes go really wide and she takes one, two, three steps backwards before flurrying up the stairs. I find this scene awfully cute.

This is slightly strange because Ginny has not even joined Hogwarts yet. She is one year behind Harry and Ron. How then does she know anything about Harry Potter to start developing (the most adorable) crush for him? Even if it was her brothers who babbled their tongues out about Harry, she hasn’t stayed around Harry long enough to be transfixed by him. I am missing some links here, I suppose.

The next clip is also from the second movie.

2) Braids – I’ve always liked Ginny’s hair but only now noticed her two braids tied in a green ribbon. It looks simple and super cute.


3) What an IDIOT! – “What an IDIOT!”, says Hermione in that impeccable British accent. Watch her. She is bossy and brilliant. Oh, and Harry’s tumble and whooping airborne catch of the remembrall right outside Minerva McGonagall’s window is awesome!

I’ve only just realized that this was Harry’s first time on the broom and catching that tiny marble-sized remembrall is so impressive! No wonder McGonagall got so excited with this display of talent. This is practically Harry’s first snitch.

I wonder what was it that Neville had forgotten though, since the remembrall turned red the moment he received it during mail delivery. Any ideas?


4) Oliver Wood – Why is it the first time that I’m seeing Oliver Wood? Scottish accent. Looks great with turtlenecks. Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Really good looking. Does he stick through the entire series? I don’t know.


5) Petrificus Totalus – “Brilliant but scaaaary.”, that sort of sums up Hermione pretty well. When Hermione petrifies Neville, Petrificus Totalus. (Total petrification? Is there something like partial petrification? Maybe like only half of your body falls into paralysis? Isn’t it Ron who looks more petrified of Hermione than Neville at this point?) I feel like this is one of Ron’s best executed lines.


6) What matters more – One of those moments when the strong friendship they share really touches.

When Harry buys truck loads of candy when he sees Ron’s disgruntled face. When Ron stands near the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room wearing the sweater he got as a christmas gift and the dear Mrs.Weasley has sent one for Harry too. When Hermione gets vexed as Harry loses control of the broomstick and sets snape’s coat on fire. (Well done Hermione!). When Hermione says “What an idiot!” (Why, perfect bestfriend material). And here’s a more heartwarming version- Where Hermione sees something grand in Harry after Ron has made the sacrifice.

Now I am cheered and I can have a goodnight’s rest.


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