Christmas 2017

This post is about what I did this Christmas. I watched a few movies, read some books, decorated my own Christmas tree, did some Winter shopping, spent time with my bestfriend and my family.

I wrote a short meet-cute to get into Christmas spirit with my Bestfriend. This is how it goes!

Mary: Hi. I am Mary. I like your tie. Would you mind lending it to me?
Nick: Well, gosh, quite to the point haan? Hi, I am Nick and no, I don’t mind. But, why would you wear a tie on such a woolly snuggly yellow overcoat?
Mary: It is not a woolly snuggly yellow overcoat. It is a muumuu. It’s Christmas! And I am making the biggest snowman in the country. And the snowman is a lawyer, so I have put some spectacles and coats and buttons and shined his shoes. So You see, I need your tie. Can I also borrow your briefcase? Oh. Those socks sure look nice.
Nick: A muummuuu — ofcourse! How did I miss that. *grins*
Why does the biggest snowman do the most soulless job in the world! What’s his story? I guess santa has a lot of property cases and defamation cases for wrongly tagging kids as naughty boys and girls.
Ah — what’s happening with me. I usually have a better humour. *blushes a tiny bit*
Mary: *Quickly collects your briefcase, socks, shoes, spectacles, pen case, hat, gloves, letter pad and briefcase* Thank you!
No you see, This snowman is one of the Atkins snowmans family. This is the biggest snowman and represents real lawyers, you know , the stuck up pricey old goons? I’ve also got Marty, Anna, Moose and Dick. I am sorry, what do you do? Are you a lawyer? *doesnt wait for a reply*
Ok. I think my train is here! I should go. Thank you so much. Bye bye! Bless you and Merry Christmas.
*socks fly away from Marys hands*
*spectacles fall and she doesnt notice.*
*the hat flies away and still Mary simply walks on confident of her earnings*
*oh ! there goes the scarf and the shoes. bless you mary dear.*
Nick: Um. Miss? My briefcase? *raises finger*
Oh. Damnit! *chases you into the train just as the door closes*
*picks up sock, spectacles, hat, scarf, shoes and starts wearing them as I jump on one leg and follow you*
Mary? Hey. You. Mary!
*sits next to you all flustered, red and untidy with things falling all over the place*
Hi. *sigh*
Hot Chocolate?

And finally, these are the books I read:
Overall, its been quite an amazing Christmas πŸ™‚

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