General Update – A day out.

I hadn’t written in a while, and that’s because I’m reading some really long but wonderful books. So I thought I’d update the blog with general happenings in life. Let’s get to it then!

I put my foot in my mouth yesterday without realizing it, at first. A friend and I went to the movies to watch a Sci-fi film called “Life”. It started off well enough, spacemen were doing space-walks and talking in space jargon and the visual effects were stunning. And we were even able to get some empty recliners to stretch our legs in since the whole theatre was empty. The spacemen capture a tiny single-celled organism from Mars and this could mean great things for Science on earth. Everything was progressing very positively, the spacemen found the right atmosphere to grow the organism in. They named it Calvin, and in true spirit of the friendly name, the little organism was growing to be the friendliest little thing. It would approach you steadily as you laid out a hand towards it, like an adorable yorkie. That is, until..

It clutches your hands and mangles every joint in it leaving the whole hand a bloody bag of broken joints and mutilated flesh, the size of an overgrown aubergine. And then it just went downhill from them. Mice were shredded, people were gutted in the most disturbing fashion. And this alien, Calvin, was only growing. I checked Wikipedia and the movie was a dystopic Sci-fi Horror film. Big surprise. The trailer revealed nothing of this, we had not known it was a horror film.

What is it about terrifying things that make them so hard to forget? Oh, does the question answer itself? The pictures are etched in my mind with fine lines. So we left this movie in the Interval and made ourselves proud by swallowing back a thin stream of vomit. I imagined mangled hands and disturbing tarantula-like aliens eating through my body while I bought some popcorn.

We decided to get tickets for another movie, a light-hearted comedy “Phillauri” and eased ourselves back to life with no Calvin in it. We had a really good time watching this film, and laughed hard even though it wasn’t that funny! After this, we went to get some coffee and discussed why horror films are the bane of life, whether they serve any real purpose and why any sane government should ban them (We were only joking). Then we talked about the second movie and how the protagonist wanted to “find himself”, at which his mother takes a mirror and shoves it before him and says- this is you, this entire package, what is there to find? We talked about “what is there to find?” and had some insipid chocolate tart.

In the midst of these conversations, my friend told me how as she had grown up, she realized it’s so relieving to stop judging people and lose the fear of being judged. That struck a chord in me and yes, it is certainly very true. The world is a more relieving and nicer place if we stop judging and lose the fear of being judged and we all need a reminder of it every now and then. It is very, very hard to do after all. Cheers to her, and a thank you for an interesting day out.

Bye! Happy Reading!


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