Harry Potter #3 on Audiobook

As I decide my grad school and start preparing for it, my friends in the Harry Potter series are donning their school robes and hats, choosing their colors and starting out on exciting adventures in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I had decided in February to give audiobooks a try and see if they work for me, a very rewarding and fortunate decision. I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks about one book a month and let me tell you – it is absolutely brilliant! There are these interstices in the day where I’m doing nothing for eg. waiting for my driving instructor, waiting in long queues, travelling in a bus to where I work or even doing mindless things like dusting my room. I’ve found these audiobooks to be a very delightful way to fill in these interstices in a day, so now you can find me chuckling when I dust my room or pacing around my face screwed up in concentration as Harry approaches the dangerous dungeons while waiting for my driving instructor and sighing happily, looking out of the window, transported to another world while travelling in the bus.

I think this fantastic experience of listening to audiobooks has a lot to do with the fact that I specifically chose the Harry Potter series. It’s a light and adventurous read with lots of fantastical things happening in it from singing hats, shrieking shacks to wise old wizards just like we want to imagine them! Harry Potter is a treat– because I want to be in that world and everything that is delicious, magical, reassuringly good and fantastic has been brought to life by J.K.Rowling. The book revolves around these fantastic, imaginary things in the magical world which by themselves are not anything so spectacularly complicated that nobody else could have conceived them but in fact, are simple and lovable. They are the way I wish the world was! Everytime, as a child, that I had wished for magic, I had wished for something like Harry Potter’s world. It satisfies all elements of wish fulfilment by creating a wonderful world, characters with a heart of gold and rages an epic battle of good and evil.

If I had chosen a different book, I doubt I would have had the same engrossing experience as I did in Harry Potter. It’s very important to choose the right book when you’re going to be listening to it. I think it should be a light read, something which you can understand without having to replay repeatedly, which is enjoyable and which can be digested easily in a non thought provoking manner. Harry Potter was the first such book that had come to my mind and after reading 3 books (i.e approximately 9*3=27 hours), I know that I was right.

Over the last month, choosing my Grad school has been a strenuous decision– there are a tough set of choices and my future at stake here. While I think I will do well in all the choices in my shortlist, I am scared of losing out on the advantages one has to offer over the others. My reading took a hit and I’ve not touched books since a while but I decided to start the next Harry Potter audiobook to get over the reading slump and how right I was! It has helped me deal with the stress and lighten my mood. It grabbed hold of me every hour that would otherwise be cramped with stressful thoughts and pushed me into a wonderful world of Magic with Harry, Ron and Hermione. If I had the choice, I would undoubtedly have picked the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for my Graduate school.


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